Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Want to cut the class...........

Previously she used to get the award for going to school regularly. But now it’s totally changed. From past one month she was asking me to take leave for one day, because, everyone is taking leave in her class. So she also wants to take. I said she can take leave only if there is any reason like going out or not well. But she didn’t leave that, day before yesterday she told to her grandma that the next day was holiday. My aunty asked me I said no she was telling lie. The same night she got fever and she took medicine, then she was fine. But to cut the class she said “Mummy innum fever irukku, irumina throat valikkudu, thala vera valikkudu, kosu kadichu kalum valikkudu”. If I say no she would get fever again, so I said ok for one day leave!!!


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