Monday, February 1, 2010

Sweet Memories

29 Aug 08
she was 2 yrs I switch on the system and i gone to kitchen, my father was trying to sit on my chair, she said "go and sit on another chair this is mummy's chair" then i came and sit, my father try to pull my chair, she said "dont touch mummy's chair".
One day my sister was having food on my chair, she asked her "ammavoda chair, appava parkanum kodu(This is mummy chair, she has to see daddy)", She refused, she repeated the same again and again, finally she gave the chair. She won't give the chair to anybody. I am really proud of her.
she and myself went to drop my grandma, I dropped her and turned the vehicle, she said "iru aatha vandhirum (Wait grandma will come)" and she started to cry, I said we would come later to pick her. After coming home, she told to my father that "sarasathava vittutu vandhutta (She left Saraswathy grandma)", then she lay down on the bed and started crying, she didn't stop, finally we compromise her with egg (she likes egg).

My Sweet Heart

My sweet heart Charu is my daughter, my friend, my mother, my teacher and my world. Only because of her I became a mother. I want to be a good mom and a good friend. She always tell that I am her friend and I should chat with her everyday. I couldn't refuse when she asks " mummy we'll talk", I'll stop my work and I'll sit with her. First few minutes she will talk about her friends, shopping......, then she will start telling rhymes. Like my Mother, she will adivse me when I do anything wrong. Like my teacher she will teach me.