Tuesday, February 2, 2010


09 October 2008
On Vijaya Dasami she started her school life, She wrote Om and her Teacher did all the formalities, she co-operated for that. She sat on the class room, all the childrens were crying. But she didn't cry, she was watching everybody, when we moved out she started to cry.While coming back I took her to play ground.

10 October 2008
She was very happy to go to school, 10am she went to school, I was standing outside, Madam asked me not to stand there and come at 11.30 to pick her up. So I came out and I was standing outside the gate. All the babies were crying. She started crying. After 15-20 minutes, she came out for toilet, still she was crying. After that continuously she was telling "amma kitta poren ( I want mummy)" and also weeping. Then I went to side gate which is near to her class, few minutes I waited there, she didn't stop and after that there was no sound. I went inside, she was sleeping, I asked her madam that I take her that day. While sleeping also she cried "amma kitta porane( I want mummy)". Only half an hour she was in the school.

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